Nutritional Supplements to Improve

While most of us have days when we just don’t seem to be able to focus, sometimes this can develop into a chronic condition, such as attention deficit disorder, with additional symptoms that either drives us round the bend, or to doctor’s office.

There has been a lot of recent research performed on the link between attention deficit disorder, and deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. One nutritional supplement that has been experimented with in the treatment of attention deficit disorder, and other health concerns, is Omega 3 fatty acid.

Omega 3 fatty acids are vital to normal brain growth and mental health. Laboratory experiments showed that animals deprived of the Omega 3’s showed signs of hyperactivity and reduced reasoning. Within children diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, doctors have found nutritional deficiency of these fatty acids, which may prove a relationship between these Omega 3 fatty acids and the ability to concentrate.

While many people are directed to use prescribed medication rather than multi vitamins to treat ADD, some doctors are now suggesting that parents try nutritional supplements first. It may seem simple, but a proper diet filled with the required vitamins, minerals and nutrients that we’ve been told about for generations may provide a natural healthy way to deal with hyperactivity and related disorders.

Eating balanced meals high in protein and essential fatty acids has been shown to reduce symptoms of ADD in various health studies. While not all involved in the studies were in need of nutritional supplements, the majority showed a deficiency in various vitamins and essential nutrients. Because of the risks and potentially dangerous factors involved in continued use of the most common medication prescribed to treat ADD today, Ritalin, more physicians are guiding parents toward the more natural approach of nutritional supplements. Basic nutrition and diet are the first line of health defense against a number of conditions, and vitamin deficiencies affecting the mood and concentration are no different.

Omega 3 Fatty acids are vital for growth, mental function and nerve tissue and brain development. They can be found in fish, but of course many of us don’t like the taste and there aren’t many natural alternatives in the diet. Since the body doesn’t produce its own Omega 3 by itself, nutritional supplements can be used to “top-up” levels and improve overall mental health.