Nutritional Supplements and Food We Eat

Humans, being at the top of the food chain are made up of what they eat.

The nutritional value of the food’s that we eat now are no longer adequate, they are deficient in minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, and glyconutrients, that is why blood building supplement foods are no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity if you wish to have any hope of a long and healthy life as opposed to life support.

Toxins are found everywhere on this planet, from snow in the north pole to snow in the south pole, no farm could possibly be free of toxin exposure, so how can we expect to get toxin free blood building nutritional supplement foods, whether they be Organic or not?

However organically raised animals have lower levels of hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals, as much as 35% less fat and remember that the toxins are stored in the fat.

Be careful of blood building nutritional supplement Omega 3, check that the product can show a 3rd party scientific validation that the toxins (dioxin and PCBs) have been removed, but the omegas are still active. Harvard has tested a patented distillation process to achieve this result, so get the evidence before you buy.

By design our bodies need to live in a world free of synthetic toxins and other pollutants. The fact is that we were designed to eat blood building nutritional supplement foods that are raw, fresh, and natural (grown in soil with a high nutrient value). Our ancestors therefore received the glyconutrients every day without the toxins. However, that world no longer exists.

Glyconutrients are the recently discovered essential elements for cell-to-cell communication. Even if you are eating all the essential blood building nutritional supplement minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, fatty acids, and cell-to-cell communication is not present, the body won’t be able to utilize them and your health will be compromised. Another factor is that the body won’t be able to rid itself of fat and therefore stored toxins.

Recent research into the eight essential glyconutrients blood building nutritional supplements has shown that mannose is absorbed and incorporated into glycoproteins directly by the body with no need for glucose.